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Dr Thomas Lagö has been selected to take part in the SAE team for Small Engine Technology (SETC) Conferences. He will act as an organizer for sessions on Noise/Vibration/Harshness (NVH). He has taken over this role from Ken Kicinski of Harley-Davidson USA. JSAE, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, is pleased to announce that the 21st Small Engine Technology Conference (SETC) will be held in Osaka, Japan from November 17 to 19, 2015. The conference is jointly sponsored by JSAE and SAE International with the support of Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association (LEMA) and Japan Marine Industry Association (JMIA). For more information, see:

Dr Thomas Lagö has been involved in SAE International’s NVH team for 15 years and was recently an invited keynote speaker for the SIAT, ARAI, SAE India conference held in Pune, India. The conference was a success with more than 2000 attendees from 25 countries. Ministers and representatives from governments in India, Germany, Japan, Austria, China and Korea were also invited plus other international automotive experts. His keynote “Green and Sustainable Technologies for the Future of Automotive” received great interest and acclaim. Dr Lagö was the only Swedish person invited. For more information, see:

Dr Thomas Lagö participates in many scientific organisations (or have participated). Below, the major ones are listed:

  • BINDT: Dr Thomas Lagö has become a BINDT Fellow, (British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing).
  • ISCM: Thomas Lagö is the Industrial Chair for ISCM – The International Society for Condition Monitoring.
  • MFPT: (The Society for Machinery Failure Prevention Technology),”Pursuing prognostics and health management capabilities for military and commercial systems”.
  • SAE International: SAE (Society for Automotive Engineering, NVH. Thomas Lagö has been a member of the NVC board since 15 years).
  • IIAV: (International Institute for Acoustics and Vibration). Thomas Lagö has been a Director.
  • ICSV: ICSV (International Conference in Sound and Vibration), arranged by IIAV. Thomas Lagö has been involved in the Scientific Committee and Chairman for sessions during many years. He was also the Exhibition Manager for multiple conferences.
  • AES: (Audio Engineering Society). See below text for more info.
  • SEM-IMAC: (Society for Experimental Mechanics, International Modal Analysis Congress). Thomas Lagö has been in the Advisory Board for many years.
  • ASA: Acoustical Society of America. Thomas Lagö has been involved as a Chairman at conferences.
  • SVIB: (Scandinavian Vibration Society). Thomas Lagö has been involved in the board but also in working committees.
  • SAS: (Swedish Acoustical Society). Thomas Lagö has been involved in the board but also in working committees.
  • IOMAC: (International Operational Modal Analysis Conference). Thomas Lagö has been involved in the Scientific Committee for many years.
  • Internoise: Thomas Lagö has been involved in the Scientific Committee and also been a Chairman at conferences.
  • Adaptronic Congress: Advisory Board member for the Adaptronic Congress in Germany, multiple years.
  • WCNDT: Session Chairman at the WCNDT2012 in Durban and a member of the International Scientific Committee, South Africa, April 2012 (World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, 1500 attendees from 90 countries).
  • Multiple other organisations like: International Symposium on Transport Noise, Session Chairman at ISMA in Leuven, Belgium, Session Organizer and Session Chairman at the GRACM Congress on Computational Mechanics arranged by the Greek Association of Computational Mechanics, 6th IC-SCEE (International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering),  Session Chairman at multiple Oceans Conferences, BTH.

AES (Audio Engineering Society) member and part of multiple standardization committees within AES: 

  • X215: Liaison group with SMPTE for Cinema B-chain.
  • X216: Pink Noise Generators (PNG).
  • X218: Calibration of sound systems in rooms. This group will most likely be divided into multiple groups.
  • X219: Impulse Response and FRF:
  • X168: Components: This will be a reference document in regards to components like loudspeaker elements. Great, we can add quite a few things that sort out the good from the bad. Currently, IEC has some info on this but it must be handled better  “Electropedia “Glossary.

ANSI, American National Standards Institute

  • Sound Measurements

Peer Review Work

Dr. Thomas Lagö was a valued Peer Review editor for the following articles/reports (a selection only):

  • International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration. Peer Review of paper #MOT-00/1, “Analysis of Active Noise Control Plants Using Process Identification Methodology.”
  • Nordtest project nr 1004-91, “Stötexcitering”, Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Borås, Sweden, 1993.
  • Mehmet Imregun and Lennart  Ågårdh, “Impact Excitation and Updating of the FE-Model of a concrete Highway Bridge,” SP TN 1993:66, Building Technology, Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Borås, 1993.
  • Lennart  Ågårdh, “Modelling Soft Impacts for Vibrational Excitation of Civil Engineering Structures”, Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, SP Report, 1993:50.
  • Welaratna, “AAF Filter Selection,” Sound and Vibration Magazine, USA, April 2002.
  • Contributing Editor for Sound and Vibration Magazine, USA, entered into the committee in 2002. Multiple peer reviews.
  • More than 150 reviews over the years for the SAE Noise & Vibration Conference during more than 14 years of service. The work is part of the duties in the General Committee for the SAE Noise and Vibration Conference.