Pedagogical Experience

Dr Thomas Lagö has a substantial academic education and background. However, his industrial experience is even larger. Combining theory and applications for success is something that drives Dr Thomas Lagö. Since he does not have a box, it is common that he can help find solutions from “other scientific areas” that were never considered when you are “in the box.” This “no box attitude” has help solve very complicated problems. Therefore, Dr Thomas Lagö often jokes that “Mission Impossible is My Mission“.

When getting a doctor’s degree it is important to SOLVE A PROBLEM RIGHT. However, Dr Thomas Lagö often claims that in industry WE MUST SOLVE THE RIGHT PROBLEM (and often, just right enough). There can be a world of difference in between the two approaches. The latter is the one that Dr Thomas Lagö is focused on!

The following text is aimed at giving a background to the extensive pedagogical experience that Dr. Thomas Lagö has, mainly consisting of:

  • Participated in several industry courses on presentation techniques.
  • More than 30 years of teaching experience at all levels, college, under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate plus numerous industry groups.
  • Many years of teaching on “How to Become a Better Presenter,” with special emphasis on keeping the scientific and engineering aspects alive, still keeping the presentation interesting and professional. This course was mandatory for Ph. D. students but was also given for some graduate students.
  • Many years of teaching on “How to Become a Better Sales Person,” with special emphasis on keeping the customer happy and maintaining a long term relationship. This course has been presented for teams around the world.
  • Has developed and presented numerous industry courses, around the world. Topics included: Applied Signal Processing, Embedded Electronics, Sensor and Systems, Fundamentals of Acoustics, Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics with focus on measurement technology, acoustics and vibration, Active Noise and Vibration Control, room acoustics, sound engineering, sensor technologies, structural dynamics, modal analysis, CBM (Condition Based Monitoring), underwater acoustics, TPA (Transfer Path Analysis), Fatigue and Damage Analysis, Measurement Technology (more general), Dynamic Signal Analyzers with Applications, MATLAB for Sound and Vibration applications plus more topics. As an example, Dr. Thomas Lagö developed and presented a series of courses for Hewlett-Packard on Dynamic Signal Analyzers with focus on Acoustic Applications, and toured Europe.

Below, a list of some application areas are listed that show his vast pedagogical experience.

  • Supervising Ph.D. students.
  • Supervising graduate students.
  • Supervising under-graduate students.
  •  Supervising college students.
  • Developed course material for all class levels.
  • Major fund raising both nationally and internationally
  • Managing research projects up to $12M in size.
  • Elected in several international Scientific Boards and Committees.
  • Numerous experiences as session-chair at international conferences.
  • Has arranged scientific conferences.
  • Numerous Invited Papers, Keynote Adresses and frequently requested to participate in international conferences.
  • Has been working and/or studying at several universities and research groups, both nationally and internationally.
  • Has been teaching numerous engineering courses at all levels in English.
  • Vast international network (database with 10600+ names and 2100+ connections on LinkedIn)
  • More than  300 scientific papers in journals, peer-review conferences etc.
  • More than 100 peer-review jobs for international journals and conferences.
  • One of very few Hewlett Packard certified DSA specialists for Europe (Dynamic Signal Analyzers like 3561, 3562, 35670, 3565 (Paragon) and other instruments).