Other Experiences

Ungdomskören LP framsida LRDr Thomas Lagö have been active in a number of organisations.  Some examples are:

  • Youth choirmaster for approximately 10 years. The choir recorded an LP and toured every summer for six years on the west coast of Jylland (primarily Lökken), Denmark.
  • Choirmaster for three years (an adult choir).
  • Started several orchestras/musical groups (mainly gospel music).
  • Manager, and founder of a Christian Youth Organization, five years.
  • Member in a scout organization for four years and a Scout Manager for another four years.
  • Chairman for the Christian Society at the High School in Sävsjö, Sweden (Hofgårdsskolan).
  • Former member of the Svenska Alliansmissionen’s district board (a church organization in Sweden).
  • Manager for the Lund Institute of Technologies’ singing team and Chief Toast Master at university parties for two consecutive years (elected position by the electrical engineering students). This work resulted in one medal each year.
  • Joined two consecutive tandem bicycle competitions between Lund and Gothenburg (approximately 250 km of cycling, a student publicity “stunt”). This work resulted in one medal each year.
  • Has held numerous courses on sound engineering, mixer and studio techniques for primarily members in churches. These courses started as a collaboration project with FS (Frikyrkliga Studieförbundet, today Bilda), in Jönköping, Sweden. This was more than 40 years ago and still going strong!

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