NASDAQ Closing Award

NASDAQ bild 1As part of the award Stuart Clark Venture Challenge, Silicon Solar Solutions invited Green Valley jointly with them to close NASDAQ Stock Exchange on August 20, 2011. This is an interesting and amazing opportunity that will be broadcasted over Times Square from the NASDAQ building. Silicon Solar Solutions, University of Arkansas and Green Valley will get great publicity through this event.

Green Valley Development (GVD), which is headquartered in northwest Arkansas, is a global player in sustainable development and green technology. The group’s focus is to “bring together the world’s top innovators in sustainability, get local businesses to grow, discover new businesses and technologies, and then with the right investment coordination, resources and services to help green companies on the world market.”

Tech Fuzion/QirraSound’s Chairman Dr. Thomas Lagö is Green Valley’s international adviser and liaison and has its role been selected to represent the GVD in New York. Dr. Thomas Lagö is additionally Adjunct Professor at the University of Arkansas.

Schedule highlights: Friday, August 20 meeting participants in the lobby and then go into the NASDAQ – Stock Exchange. There, participants photographed and the images shown later in the NASDAQ building towards Times Square. After this move the participants to NASDAQ – the studio where more images and a short film about NASDAQ’s history and its significance for the market appears. Next, the participants welcomed by representatives from NASDAQ. Robert Warren presents I.H. Asper, director of entrepreneurship at the Stu Clark Centre, and the winners of the Stuart Clark Venture Challenge 2010 – Silicon Solar Solutions (formerly Green Valley Solar). Clock 15: 59-16: 01 ongoing closing ceremony, one rings the bell, and then go out in Times Square for more photo shootings in front of NASDAQ.

“I have worked with Dan Sanker, president of Case Stack, who coined the name of Green Valley, and Steve Rust, president and CEO of Green Valley Devolopment, for two years. Through my strategic partners, we are well on our way to creating a strong business group focused on research in sustainable development, trade and technology. I feel honored to represent Green Valley together with the entrepreneurs of Silicon Solar, and will highlight opportunities for research, trade and investment in Northwest Arkansas, “said Dr. Thomas Lagö.

Dan Sanker is a founding member of Green Valley and the CEO of Case Stack, a logistik– and outsourcing company. He calls this event a “priceless opportunity to promote the importance of sustainable development for the future of commerce and to highlight Green Valley’s major contribution to this process.”

“It is crucial for the global economy that research in sustainable development and green technology promoted
and marketed, “said Sanker.

“Green Valley is leading on linking technologies, resources and investments necessary for entrepreneurs and companies that want to actively develop its corporate responsibility in environmental areas. The opportunity for Green Valley to market itself and its mission in this symbolic context on NASDAQ – the stock market is a great honor,” continues Sanker.

Green Valley, the region between Tulsa, Memphis, southwestern Missouri and Arkansas delta, is the center of the ongoing revolution in sustainable development. Green Valley is the highest percentage of botanical scientists in the world. Even Wal – Mart’s headquarters, the world’s largest companies in the consumer products and the biggest proponents of sustainable development. In Green Valley, the largest percentage of suppliers, a cluster of 1,300 companies, America’s busiest cargo airport and one of America’s largest oil and gas center and America’s largest agricultural center with a focus on biomass and eco-tourism.