Medical Applications

Ultrasound sensors and signal processing

Dr. Lagö, the Chairman of QirraSound Technologies Europe AB, started his research at Lund University, in ultrasound for medical applications. Via work for Professor Hellmuth Hertz, he got an excellent education on ultrasound sensors, measurement technologies and design. His research work then continued in the applied signal processing group in Lund. The team mainly worked with signal enhancement for liver diagnostic applications.

The focus shifted from medical to underwater due to funding priorities in Sweden. Medical ultrasound was not considered as the future by the funding organisations and hence other applications became the main target. Hence, underwater current flow became one such new application field. For these applications, the development consisted of sensor design combined with clever non-linear signal processing to enhance the quality of the data from these complicated underwater applications.

Later, other applications in medical signal processing and analysis have been added to the portfolio.

There is a major overlap in between Condition Monitoring (CM) and these other applications in underwater, medical, vehicle etc. By using math, principles and solutions from other areas, some very unique results can be accomplished in these newer segments. The interest for medical applications has been a common thread in the research work performed.