Main Business Development Work

Dr Thomas Lagö has been involved in a vast range of projects combining industry needs with university research. Blekinge Institute of Technology was awarded a $12M contract (72 million SEK) at the end of 1997 by the KKS group (The Foundation for Knowledge and Competence). Only two research groups in Sweden were selected at the time ($10M each), and the group headed by Lagö was one of them. The evaluation and selection was performed by National Science Foundation from USA. Thomas Lagö was the chairman of the awarded project, and the project leader for this large six years research project. Today, due to his move to USA, he handed the project over to other managers at the university. David Nordfors was the manager from the KKS group. Today, he is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Innovation and Communication at Stanford University and coined the concepts of Innovation Journalism, Attention Work and Innovation Communication Systems. ( )

Thomas Lagö has played an active role in developing a new University, the Blekinge Institute of Technology that is only about 11 years old. The university was quite progressive and expanded quickly. The university was focusing on M. Sc. and Ph. D. programs. These programs were set up early in conjunction with larger universities and therefore the Blekinge Institute of Technology was able to hold Ph. D. programs for several years despite no own rights. In 1998 the Blekinge  Institute of Technology was given its own rights for Ph. D. level. Key years in this development process are:

–  1991 Own B. Sc. program

–  1994 Own M. Sc. program

–  1998 Own Ph. D. program (started Jan 1, 1999)

Thomas Lagö has been heavily involved in the successful expansion of the Blekinge Institute of Technology and the department of applied signal processing where he worked. This department was an example for other groups at the university on how they should operate and expand. In May 1998, Lagö received a prestigious prize for this work in building the university into a strong unit with many collaboration projects with both Swedish, European and International industry, as well as universities around the world. This prize was given by the Blekinge Industry Board.

Thomas Lagö was the Blekinge Institute of Technology‘s development manager and reported directly to the President of the University. Dr. Lagö was also the manager of two research groups at the department of applied signal processing; Active Noise and Vibration Control and Underwater Acoustics.

Thomas Lagö has been involved in Active Noise and Vibration Technologies, ANVT, located in Phoenix Arizona, USA, and has contact with most active noise control companies and groups around the world. ANVT was sold to NCT in 1994.

Thomas Lagö started Signal Analys Sverige AB with an office in Bankeryd, Sweden. This company was closed in 1999 due to his move to the USA (legal requirement).

Thomas Lagö has been involved in the consulting company Signal Control Sweden AB and has been the Chairman of the Board for more than ten years ( His engagement in the company was terminated due to his move to the USA  (legal requirement).

Thomas Lagö has also been part of starting Active Control Sweden AB. Thomas Lagö was  the Chairman of the Board for Active Control  ( Due to his move to the USA, this had to be changed  (legal requirement).

Thomas Lagö has also been involved in starting Acoustic Control Laboratories AB in Täby, Stockholm, a classical noise and vibration consultant company ( The President and major owner is Nils- ke Nilsson, a well-known acoustician in Sweden.

Thomas Lagö was responsible for starting LMS Scandinavia, a daughter company to LMS International in Leuven, Belgium (today a SIEMENS business). When Lagö left LMS Scandinavia AB to begin his work at the new Blekinge Institute of Technology, LMS unfortunately could not continue the work in Scandinavia, and closed down the operation after one year. They have been continued using a reseller instead.

Thomas Lagö has helped the TV station TV4 in Jönköping developing their sales and marketing group. This has been a special project, combined with his visits to Sweden. Thomas Lagö has been teaching the sales process, definition of the market needs, argumentation but also listening to their sales group’s questions in general, regarding difficulties and challenges when selling, and advising them on probable solutions. Thomas Lagö has more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing, and has been responsible for several international sales groups.