ADCMBEM3Dr Thomas Lagö has developed a new estimation method for Doppler Current Estimation, named The Symmiktos Method®. This work was expanded by analyzing the foundation for the classical Gaussian-based approach using the covariance  method. It turns out, that the classical assumption that relies on the Gaussian assumption, is rarely fulfilled. Thus, a new backscattering signal model has been proposed based upon the evaluation using many water locations with different current properties, many signal processing tools and many depths. This extensive work was summarized in the eleven volume technical report (!), with about 600 pages per volume. Based on the experience and outcome of this analysis, a new non-linear filtering method was proposed and used for the analysis of current data. This innovative work was summarized in Lagö’s doctoral thesis.’ Numerous papers were presented at international conferences. The project also led to a complete industrial installation at the Hongkong Marine Department, analyzing the current at different depths (profiling current measurements). The system is still in operation and is used to guide the traffic scheduling in the Ma-Wan channel, that is highly dependent on the water current at different depths (often extreme currents).