Key Awards

Dr Thomas Lagö has received a number of international awards for his work. Below, you can find a list of some of them.

  • “Best Poster Paper Award,” at the 16th Symposium on Vehicle Dynamics held at the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics, in Pretoria, South Africa, September 1999.
  • Award for the successful work of developing the Blekinge Institute of Technology together with the industry in collaborative projects. The award was given by the Blekinge county industry group.
  • Best patent award.
  • Thomas Lagö was selected as the IT Expert for a panel discussion for the Swedish TV channel TV4 in regards to IT development  and collaboration with universities  (a video exist for the interested).
  • Lagö was awarded “Outstanding Professor/Researcher” in his petition for a US Immigration “Green Card.”
  • “Best Session Paper Award” at the WCNDT – World Conference for Non-Destructive Testing, Durban, South Africa, April 2012 (1500 attendees from 90 countries).
  • Best Software Programmer at Hewlett Packard, the LSID division (Lake Stevens Instrument Division). The award was given after an international contest amongst HP software engineers in regards to handling the high resolution screen for extremely fast updates for e.g. LOFAR and STFFT analysis (Short Time Fast Fourier Transform). The programming was done in assembly language plus HP-BASIC.
  • NASDAQ Closing Award. See separate page.
  • Thomas Lago has been nominated for the SAE Ralph K. Hill Quist NVH Lifetime Achievement Award, which is awarded by the automotive industry in USA. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) is a major scientific organization in the automotive industry. Thomas Lagö has served on the board of SAE NVH for more than 14 years and is involved in the bi-annual conference and activities both as chairman and also as speakers. Ralph Hillquist had Swedish roots. Established, in 2012, this award recognizes those individuals who have shown a continued contribution to Ground Vehicle Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) over a period of 15 years or more. Examples of significant contributions would include participating as an organizer in the SAE Noise & Vibration Conference, mentoring younger NVH professionals, a history of ground vehicle NVH publications of note, teaching seminars and other classes related to this topic, and leadership in SAE, commercial organizations, or elsewhere where vehicle NVH is a primary topic of concern. The award is intended to recognize not only the professional, but also the personal qualities of the individual. He or she should be someone who is supportive of others in the profession and who has played a key role in the development of others in the field. It honors Ralph Hillquist, the founder of the Noise & Vibration Conference and recognize his achievements and contributions to the NVH community, to recognize individuals who, like Ralph, have an outstanding record of contributions to the field of NVH, and to enhance the image of the field The Award consists of a plaque presented at the SAE Noise & Vibration Conference.
  • Thomas Lago has also been asked to present a keynote lecture at SIATs (The Automotive Research Association of India) and SAE Indias conference in January 2015. information can be found at:
  • Thomas Lago has been awarded a recognition by SAE International for his contributions as a Technical Paper Reviewer”.

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