Human Body Vibrations

In many vehicle applications, drivers can be exposed to sound and/or vibrations that might become harmful. It is essential to monitor and analyse these vibrations and in some cases also “counteract” a possible harmful exposure. Models have been developed and standardised for humans and ISO 2631-1 and ISO 2631-5 typically covers the whole body exposure in applications where seat vibrations dominate.

Vast work has been performed in multiple vehicle applications and a range of monitoring approaches and analysis principles has been developed by Dr Thomas Lagö.

QirraSound Technologies Europe AB has a vast range of measurement and analysis equipment for such applications. This include hand-held and multichannel analysers (Type-1 certified), many sound and vibration sensors (high quality, 1-axis and 3-axis), dedicated analysis software and toolboxes for MATLAB, developed in-house. Hence, projects that demand advanced measuring systems and analysis can be handled in full.

WBV figure 1